Dream Roles - Part 2

Hello Lovely Music Folk!

In this day and age I feel like the list of roles and characters that I would love to perform continues to grow the more I start to understand and unravel my voice. My tastes have definitely changed and have expanded since I last wrote a post like this! You can check out the original here.

While reflecting on the old list of Characters I realized that some things have changed and some have stayed the same. It's been about a year since I published the first list, so it was time for an update!

The list of roles from the previous post is as follows:

  • Dido from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. There was a time where I thought Dido was amazing. The opera is absolutely beautiful, but I'm not sure how well I'd turn out to be after studying the role of an absolutely drama queen. Dido is crazy and that's why I love her, but I'm not sure how long I'd be able to love her. Who knows, maybe after one run with it I could be head over heels! Also make sure you get tickets to see Wallis Giunta playing Dido this fall with Opera Atelier
  • Charlotte from Werther by Jules Massenet. This is the Mezzo dream. This heartbreaking french opera truly enraptures the essence of romantic opera. The melancholy and painful arias bring every one to tears...especially the finale. So we aren't going to talk about it.
  • Cherubino from The Marriage of Figaro by W.A. Mozart. This role is a given for any young mezzo soprano. His light attitude brings comic relief in times of tension not to mention a hilarious underlying story line. His repertoire poses some of the biggest challenges for mezzo sopranos as it is written high in the voice with lots of legato, yet intended for a darker and lower voice. How cheeky of you Mozart....
  • Rosina from The Barber of Seville by Giaochino Rossini. This pre-cursor of the Marriage of Figaro poses the challenge of flexibility for the mezzo voice. Also Joyce DiDonato had won me over by her stunning rendition of Una Voce Poco Fa
  • Angelina (Cinderella) from La Cenerentola by Giaochino Rossini. Growing up I was always in love with Cinderella's story. It stems so far that when I met her at Disney World, when I was 3, that I curtsied thinking that she was real. This is also another role that challenges the mezzo voice and range, and beautifully done by Joyce DiDonato

Now....it's time for the new additions!

  • Sesto from Giulio Cesare by G.F. Handel. I recently came across the duet between Cornelia and Sesto that won my heart on this role. The more and more I researched it the more I loved Sesto and his story. Switching Cleopatra out from her previous place on this list, Sesto would be a role I'd love to play. Gotta love pants roles!
  • One (Second or Third) of the Three Ladies from The Magic Flute by W.A Mozart. Their cheeky characters bring the Opera to life and tend to stir the pot. Are they good? Are they bad? Who knows, who cares! 
  • Donna Elvira from Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart. I saw the production of Uncle John by Against the Grain Theatre this summer and it was absolutely brilliant. Now in my history class we are currently studying this work, and the more I hear Ah! Fuggi Il Traditor, the more I love how bad ass Donna Elvira is. 

So this is the updated list! I hope that you enjoy the listenings and if you have any suggestions or ideas for blog posts, leave a message in the comments below!

Until next time,



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